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QuickTexture Release Notes

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.4

New Features

New Alt+Q Pie Menu for tools and presets



Photomodeling Plane

Photomodeling Cube

Apply Photomodel

Now Supports Displacement Maps (Cycles Only)

Create Displacement maps for up to 5 layers

Move/Scale/Rotate/Adjust Strength all in viewport just like every other map

Redesigned Bump Map System

Can now control the depth of individual layers to get realistic layering effects!

Only works when maps are mixed by Texture Mask

New Masks

Vertex Color Attribute Mask

AO Mask

Cavity Mask (Cycles Only)

New "Variety" Map

Add splotches of variation to your diffuse texture

Mesh Decals V2

New procedurally generated Alpha blend options around the border

Can now reproject decal to different mesh if needed

Vertex Color attribute is automatically used as an alpha so you can immediately go into vertex painting to hide parts of the decal

Baking V2

Preview AO / Cavity checkbox (Cycles Only)

This will assign an AO and Cavity shader to the mesh

This preview shader is the only QT feature that is not controlled in the viewport. Feel free to add your own noise textures and tweak the shader further

You can press the bake button at any point while in this preview mode to bake AO and Cavity textures, with the assumption that you will use them as masks further along in the texturing process

If you click Bake without a path specified, QT will make a new folder for you and save the images there if your Blender file is saved

Normal Mask now in global space

New setting for custom mouse speed multiplier for users with vastly different DPI/Monitor sizes

Shift+T to switch from QT Procedural Mapping to Triplanar Box Mapping

Add more tools to Ctrl+D pie menu

Bug Fixes

Added support for 3.4

Copy Material on Curve

Removes material on other objects when activating QT

Support different Blender UI resolution sizes

Turn shadows off in Cycles

Normal mask smoothing

Fixed mesh decal glitch

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.4

- Added support for 3.4

- Fixed mesh decal glitch

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.3.1

- Edit mode bug fix

- Instanced object bug fix

- Multiple materials bug fix

- Smaller minimum UI text size

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.2.2

- Duplicate layer emission fix

- Applying QuickTexture to an object with a material slot but no material fix

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.2.1

Support for latest Blender 3.2.1 release

Bug Fixes:

- Megascans auto convert material

- Baking for Unreal export

- Existing UV layer error

- Mask by Height smoothing

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.2

Support for latest Blender 3.2 release

QuickTexture 2022 for Blender 3.1.2

Bug Fixes

- Emission connection to proper color corrected node

- Emission not resetting

- Decal onto QS/QC object

- UV Smudge Mask with Triplanar

- Mask by Normal contrast

- Mask by Alpha

QuickTexture 2022 Version 2 for Blender 3.1

Bug Fixes

- Remake existing material error fixed

- UI text not visible under N panel, now automatically moves over

- Applies scale and rotation on obj before QT is created to get rid of various problems

- Max Opacity now clamped to 1

- Box blending setting renamed to Triplanar Blending for clarity

- Ensure proper texture ratio on objects

Texture baking!

- One click solution to bake all your maps

- Auto reloads your material with the new baked textures

Decals V2

- Redesigned Unreal Engine style Mesh Decal system

- Duplicate, move, scale and rotate with live reprojection

New UV Smudge Mask

- Distort your UVs with a texture to create unique painterly effects

Detiling setup

- Use UV rotation to break up repetitive tiling textures

Per Object Randomization

- Controls for Hue/Sat/Value and Roughness randomization per object

Create multiple Material Layers per object

- Apply QuickTexture in edit mode to selected polygons to create a new QuickTexture material layer

Proper Emission support

- Links diffuse image to emission

V_1_1 For Blender 2.93.1

  • Mask by Depth added
  • Added support for more many naming conventions
  • Decal improvements
  • If you already have a full material, it will remake it into a QuickTexture
  • Ctrl + D pie menu added
  • Ctrl + Backspace added as an alternative shortcut to delete layer
  • Left/Right arrows to rotate map 90 degrees as an alternative for [ ]
  • Replace Mask bug fix
  • Unlink material option
  • Reset individual settings (Values, Transforms, Scale)
  • Backspace to delete mask bug fix
  • Layer deletion bug fixes
  • Multi object selection bug fixes
  • Tooltips added
  • Issues with 'U' fixed

V1 For Blender 2.93

One-click texturing solution!

  • Automatically creates and manages all necessary nodes for you based on a single image of your choosing.
  • Select more than 1 image in the file browser to use 'Albedo' 'Roughness' 'Normal' 'AO' 'Alpha' named textures in the selected file folder
  • Will use objects UV's if they exist.
  • If no UV's are found, automatically creates procedural Box Mapping / View Mapping UV's based on your selection.
  • Continue to model after the fact and watch the procedural UV's seamlessly update, or apply the UV Project modifiers to lock them into place.
  • Intuitive controls in the viewport to move, scale, rotate, adjust values, contrast, bump intensity, and more.
  • Hotkeys to visualize one map or one layer at a time for fine-tuning.
  • Blend between layers with masks based on height, noise, or normal direction
  • Opacity/Alpha controls for every layer
  • Duplicate layers and add variety
  • Project textures from View for decals/additional hero details on your asset
  • Up to 5 custom material layers
  • Set up reference images / photomodeling refs by launching the tool with nothing selected
  • Select 2 objects to instantly blend between the shaders using a height mask
  • Select 3 or more objects to apply the new material to every object in your selection
  • Convenient Copy Material function to copy your shader and UV setup to the selected objects
  • Mesh Decals! Project as many decals from the view as you would like. Use one PNG with an Alpha or build up to 5 texture layers per decal
  • Comes bundled with FREE Painterly Roughness maps to enhance your materials!

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