Real-time Environment Design in Blender

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In this tutorial...

Hold on. This is not a tutorial.

This is a crash course on Real-time environment design in Blender Eevee.

4+ hours of content covering real-time environment creation from A to Z in Blender.

This course is suitable for both, experienced Blender users and for artists making first steps in Blender.

Topics covered:

  • Megascans set-up
  • Texture blending
  • Advanced texture blending
  • Using decals
  • Color ramp
  • Creating custom assets
  • Desert scene set-up
  • Realistic light set-up
  • 360 background images
  • Creating cloud shadows
  • Physical atmosphere
  • Painting grass
  • Camera animation
  • Volumetric fog
  • Final scene asset set-up
  • Final scene lighting set-up
  • Sunset scene set-up
  • Night scene set-up


  • 4+ hours of narrated video tutorials
  • Texture nodes blender file

Add-on`s used:

About me

I`m a professional art-director/concept artist working in the film industry.

Recently, I`ve worked on such movies as Star Wars: Mandalorian, Jurassic World 2, Ready Player One, and many others.

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Real-time Environment Design in Blender

161 ratings
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