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Astronova Collection

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This bundle includes 130+ items:

  • A Fully Rigged HERO astronaut (Provided with 30 Preset Poses and 8 color variations)
  • 80 Unique Assets which are massive Cliffs, Rocks, Craters, Asteroids, Scatter Stones
  • Lunar and Martian color schemes
  • 10 UDIM-Supported assets, 12 Tiled Textures with displacements
  • 12 Tiled Geometry-based surfaces, and 2 Footprint Decals
  • HERO Rover Companion, UE 5.1 native project files.All assets are optimized for game engines and all major 3D packages.
  • Blender Asset LibraryFormats: Blend 3.2+ only, OBJ, FBX, Unreal Project 5.1



Unveil our fully-rigged 3D Characters, boasting photorealistic visuals and super detailed textures (4096 x 4096) that shine - especially in Close-Ups! With clean topology and straightforward PBR shader setups, working with our Characters is a truly enjoyable experience.

Small Details, Big Impact!

We put special effort into crafting every model, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. With passion and commitment, we acknowledge that even the smallest pixel can make a real and noticeable difference in the final render.

Your Character, Your Style: Dive into Personalization

Discover the power of personalization. With a range of modular assets to choose from, you can mix and match to create a character that truly stands out. We have prepared 4 heads, 8 custom color schemes for the suits, and a mask setup. Each hard-surface element has 2 color variations.

Upgraded Rigging with Custom Bones

We've added and designed extra bones for detailed helmets and devices, giving them more realistic and independent motion alongside the character. (Bone constraints work only in Blender and Unreal Engine. FBX files don’t have Bone constraints, but have the same FK Rig Bones)

Effortless Color Tuning: Introducing Masks and Color Presets

Discover the convenience of swift and easy color adjustments. Tailor the color scheme of specific characters or individual assets. (Presets with masks created only in Blender and Unreal Engine, for other programs, there are b/w masks and baked Color maps)

Clean Meshes

All Characters look phenomenal in close-up shots! No clean-up is needed, just drag&drop these models into your scene and start rendering. This character exhibits an exceptional level of detail. As a result, the mesh is not considered low poly in the traditional sense, containing approximately 200-250k polygons total, varying depending on the selected body kit variation.

Character RIG

Prepare to elevate your project to new heights with our fully rigged character featuring the FK Rig. Enjoy the versatility of 30 custom poses at your disposal, allowing effortless adjustments and fine-tuning to align with your creative vision. Character FBX files include RIG.

Mixamo Animations

If you need animations for your project, there is no easier tool than Mixamo. We prepared 4 A-posed Character FBX files. Import them and get instant animated Astronauts for your project.

Planetary Landscapes


Save hundreds of hours of work with these ready-to-render assets! Environment collection consists of 80 unique rock and surface assets, Lunar and Martian color schemes, 10 assets with UDIM support, 12 Tiled textures with displacements, 12 tiled geometry-based surfaces, and 2 footprint decals. All assets are optimized for both offline and real-time engines. The level of detail is suitable for closeups. Formats: Blend, FBX, OBJ, Unreal Engine

Bring Your Planet to Life

With 100+ environment assets, including massive background rocks, cliffs, and craters, as well as medium-sized rock compositions, asteroids, scatter stones, and footprint decals, this Astronova Collection covers every aspect of planet environment creation.

Surfaces and Materials

We created 6 custom incredibly detailed surfaces, each featuring Lunar and Martian color schemes. 4K materials include displacement maps. There are also 6 Tileable Geometry meshes. Quality tested for tileability, sharpness, and accurate PBR maps.



Realistic model of a Rover Companion

This Rover is created with extra attention to detail to achieve photo-real results in any rendering project. It is a correctly scaled 3d model that is fully unwrapped and textured and is ready to be merged into your scene.

Unreal Engine 5.1

All assets are set up and ready to be used in Unreal Engine. UE native files are included in the pack, just plug-and-play!

Power of Nanite in UE5

Limitless Possibilities of Nanite: populate scenes with abundant environment assets, crafting grand planetary landscapes.

Control Rig for Character

Character is fully rigged and uploaded to UE. Easy to navigate and to change poses. There are no animations in this pack, retargeting to custom animations is required.

Infinite Possibilities: Custom Colors and Modules for Your Character

Environment Supported Features

Environment assets support these features: RVT, POM, Custom ColorChange, Foliage Scutter, LOD system.

Blueprints for Rover and Characters

Blueprints are extremely flexible and powerful as it provides the ability to use the full range of tools and speed for fast concepts and level design.

License agreement

Feel free to use these assets in your personal or professional work.

However, you can`t resell these assets or any part of these assets.

About us

BigMediumSmall is a team of industry veterans with years of experience working in the game and film industry.

We create 3D asset packs that we would want to use.

Something that looks ace and yet has an excellent performance in 3D.

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Astronova Collection

43 ratings
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