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Grand Bazaar Collection

61 ratings

This bundle includes 250+ items:

  • 1 Fully rigged Camel (Provided with 9 preset poses)
  • Highly detailed HERO Building, 15 HERO Building Assemblies
  • 24 posed Crowd Characters
  • Crowd Standing Character and Rider RIGs
  • 100+ Kit Assets for Building
  • 100+ Set Dressing Assets
  • 3 Palm Trees, 5 Ivy Plants
  • Dried Grass
  • 32 Handcrafted Dish Props
  • 7 Ground Surfaces
  • UE native project files.

All assets are optimized for game engines and all major 3D packages. Formats: Blend 3.0+ only, OBJ, FBX, Unreal Project.

HERO Building

Our library of high-quality assets will take you on a journey back in time to explore the world’s oldest civilizations. With our handcrafted Middle Eastern models, you can create your own vibrant city from scratch - from designing grandiose architecture to building authentic marketplaces with genuine Middle Eastern wares. Our collection is customizable, allowing you to adjust colors and textures as desired.

All assets are optimized for both offline and real-time engines. The level of detail is suitable for closeups. Formats: Blend, FBX, OBJ, Unreal Engine

Explore and Create with Our Middle East Journey Kit

This Kit Assest collection contains 100+ large and medium-sized objects to create a realistic city. You can choose from dozens of different options. The Kit is perfect for anyone who has always wanted to create their own story about ancient civilizations or explore the vibrant culture of the Middle East.


We have prepared 15 Hero assemblies. They are built from modular assets with care and attention to detail. Create your environments even faster.

Set Dressing Elements

We also offer a wide selection of Set Dressing assets including benches, tables, fruits, dishes, and other decorations that can be used to add beauty and authenticity to your creative project. All models are low poly so it’s great for game engines. The level of detail is suitable for closeups.

Surfaces and Materials

We created 7 custom incredibly detailed surfaces. 4K materials. There are also Tileable Geometry meshes. Quality tested for tileability, sharpness, and accurate PBR maps.




The Middle East has long been a fascinating region of the world, full of unique culture and heritage. Now, thanks to handcrafted props, you can bring a little bit of this amazing area into your own scene. When it comes to creating your own scene with these props, there’s no limit to what you can do! Whether it’s setting up an exotic grand bazaar or filling your city with palm trees and vegetation, anything is possible when you let your imagination run wild. These assets come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to mix and match pieces for whatever mood or atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Palm Trees

Palm trees have been the symbol of tropical paradise and exotic adventure. Now you can bring those same vibes to your scene with our unique hand-crafted palm tree models. They are perfect for decorating any ancient city or any landscape.

Ivy Plants, Dried Grass

Improve the realism of your renders with beautiful 3D meshes of Ivy plants and Dried grass.

Fruits and Vegetables

Our range of 3D fruit and vegetable models are made with realism in mind. With 4K textures and detailed visuals, these models will give your scenes a natural look and feel.


Discover our 24 photorealistic 3D Characters with super detailed textures (4096 x 4096) that look amazing - especially in Close-Ups! Simple PBR shader setups make working with our Character as enjoyable as it can be.

Crowd Standing Characters and Rider RIGs

Our Characters are rigged with KF Rig. No controls for animation. They are easy to navigate and changing poses is simple and straightforward. See the previews to get an idea of what rigging and our preset poses look like. 9 UNIQUE POSES for on-foot Characters and Riders can be tweaked easily using the rig. For the best realistic results in animations, we strongly recommend simulating cloth to avoid self-intersections.

Mixamo Animations

If you need a quick animated crowd to populate your city, there is no easier tool than Mixamo.

We prepared A-posed FBX Mixamo file. Import them and get instant animated characters for your project.

Fully rigged Camel

What better way to explore a vast desert or an ancient city than atop a camel? A camel ride offers an unforgettable experience as you traverse through sand dunes beneath a scorching sun while taking in spectacular views of ancient cities like Petra or Marrakech.

Rigged Camel is a high-quality, photo-real model that will enhance the detail and realism of any of your rendering projects. The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders.

Unreal Engine

All assets are set up and ready to be used in Unreal Engine. UE native files are included in the pack, just plug-and-play!

Power of Nanite in UE5

Populate scenes with Props, Vegetation, and Crowd characters in different baked poses for immense scenes.

Scatter Assets

Scatter debris, grass and character assets from small to big with Unreal Engine Foliage tool. Add extra details to your scenes in a matter of seconds.

Change Colors

We added an option for quick and easy color adjustments. Customize the color scheme of a particular mech or change the colors of all assets.


Blueprints are extremely flexible and powerful as it provides the ability to use the full range of tools and speed for fast concepts and level design. Light sources are combined with meshes in blueprints.

License agreement

Feel free to use these assets in your personal or professional work.

However, you can`t resell these assets or any part of these assets.

About us

BigMediumSmall is a team of industry veterans with years of experience working in the game and film industry.

We create 3D asset packs that we would want to use.

Something that looks ace and yet has an excellent performance in 3D.

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Grand Bazaar Collection

61 ratings
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