Industrial Zone Collection

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This bundle includes 150+ items:

  • 2 Fully rigged HERO characters (Provided with 21 preset poses and colour variations),
  • 10 highly detailed HERO Building Assemblies,
  • 10 highly detailed HERO Ground Elements
  • 75+ modular Building Parts with UVs and textures
  • 33 Set Dressing Assets
  • 6 modular Cables and Wires, Forklift, Masks for Building Objects, Characters and Forklift
  • UE native project files. All assets are optimized for game engines and all major 3D packages.

Formats: Blend(Blender 3.0 or above + asset library), OBJ, FBX, Unreal Project

  • Unreal 5 demo scene

HERO Buildings

Save hundreds of hours of work with these ready to render assets! Each building can be disassembled into smaller parts, practically giving you endless possibilities. All assets are optimized for both offline and real-time engines. Formats: Blend, FBX, OBJ, Unreal Engine.

Split Building Assemblies to smaller Parts

Build you own Mega Factory with this Collection of 75+ Kitbash Parts. They are designed and grouped for modular layouts. A variety of shapes will allow you to design anything you want from a small refinery to an epic gigantic Industrial City! The level of detail is suitable for closeups.

These assets were created with great precision and attention to the smallest details.

Inspired by real-world refineries these assets come as highly detailed and realistically 4k textured models. The materials and textures are very realistic and high in resolution with all the rusty and grunge metallic effects.

If you have problems loading and rendering 4k files, please use provided 2K versions or baked versions from FBX.

For a simpler shader setup in C4D, 3DsMax, and Maya we have baked textures and imbedded them to FBX files.

Set Dressing Elements

This Set Dressing Collection contains 33 large and medium-size objects to create a realistic Industrial Zone. All models are low poly so it’s great for game engines. The level of detail is suitable for closeups.

Wires and Cables

Photorealistic highly detailed 3D set of electrical Cables and Wires. Assets are perfect for creating a gaming environment or a variety of technological scenes. Have the ability to connect with each other. It is possible to build electrical communications of various configurations.

Assets Library support for Blender 3.1

Blender 3.1 includes a new editor: The Asset Browser. It makes working with reusable assets much easier and more visual. Assets can simply be dragged into the 3D View, and in some instances, into other editors. Objects will snap to the surface under the cursor or to the grid. Materials will be applied to the material slot under the cursor. Make sure you update Blender to the latest supported version.

Go beyond photo-realism with our Character

Discover our photorealistic fully-rigged 3D Characters with super detailed textures (4096 x 4096) that look amazing - especially in Close-Ups! Clean topology and simple PBR shader setups make working with our Character as enjoyable as it can be.

Masks and Color Presets

We added an option for quick and easy color adjustments. Customize the color scheme of a particular mech or change the colors of all assets. (Presets with masks created only in Blender and Unreal Engine, for other programs there are b/w masks and baked Color maps)

Optimized Meshes

All Characters look phenomenal in close-up shots! No clean-up needed, just drag&drop these models into your scene and start rendering.

All Characters are fully rigged. They are easy to navigate and changing poses is simple and straightforward. See the previews to get an idea of how rigging and our preset poses look like. 21 UNIQUE POSES can be tweaked easily using the rig. Drag & Drop the Character into your project, pick the pose, tweak, done! We also prepared Apose for Mixamo. Character FBX files include RIG.

Realistic model of a Forklift

This Forklift is created with extra attention to details to achieve photo-real results in any rendering project. It is a correctly scaled 3d model that is fully unwrapped and textured and is ready to be merged into your scene.

Unreal Engine

All assets are set up and ready to be used in Unreal Engine. UE native files included in the pack, just plug-and-play!

Rigged Characters

Characters are fully rigged and uploaded to UE. Easy to navigate and to change poses. There are no animations in this pack, retargeting to custom animations is required.

Power of Nanite in UE5

Populate scene with nanite characters in different baked poses for immense scenes.

Change Colors

We added an option for quick and easy color adjustments. Customize the color scheme of a particular mech or change the colors of all assets.


Blueprints are extremely flexible and powerful as it provides the ability to use the full range of tools and speed for fast concepts and level design. Light sources are combined with meshes in blueprints.

Unreal 5 demo scene

Look at how we build stuff in Unreal using this pack, rip it apart, and use it in your scenes.

Just a note.

It is not a game level but rather a showcase of what is possible with these assets.

This set is massive, and the performance may vary depending on your set-up.

License agreement

Feel free to use these assets in your personal or professional work.

However, you can`t resell these assets or any part of these assets.

About us

BigMediumSmall is a team of industry veterans with years of experience working in the game and film industry.

We create 3D asset packs that we would want to use.

Something that looks ace and yet has an excellent performance in 3D.

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Industrial Zone Collection

81 ratings
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