Water Village Collection

12 ratings

This bundle includes 300+ items:

  • 4 Fully rigged modular CROWD characters (Provided with 77 preset poses and colour variations)
  • 4 highly detailed HERO Buildings with decorative elements
  • Day and Night setups
  • 2 Sampan and 2 Raft assemblies
  • Market and Food Cart set pieces, 200+ Set Dressing Elements
  • Asset Browser for Blender
  • UE5 Blueprints
  • Custom Water Shader for UE5.

All assets are optimized for game engines and all major 3D packages. Formats: Blend 3.6+ only, OBJ, FBX, Unreal Project.

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Hero Buildings


Save countless hours of effort with our ready-to-use assets! Each building can be broken down into smaller components, offering endless creative options. All assets are optimized for both offline and real-time engines. Formats: Blend, FBX, OBJ, Unreal Engine

Hero Buildings: Where Real-World Inspiration Meets Pixel Perfection

Inspired by authentic charming water villages, these assets are created as highly detailed, 4k textured models. Reflecting the beauty of natural materials, the textures display an extraordinary level of realism, capturing the essence of wood textures and organic elements with remarkable high-resolution clarity.





Food Market

Whether creating a street scene or a bustling market square, these models will elevate your projects with their authenticity and charm.

Set Dressing Elements

With our Set Dressing Collection, you'll have access to an impressive selection of over 200 large and medium-sized objects, purpose-built to recreate genuine street settings. These models are thoughtfully designed with low-poly optimization, ensuring seamless integration with game engines. Their level of detail is a perfect match for bringing authenticity to both wide and medium shots.

Assets Library support for Blender 3.6+

The Asset Browser makes working with reusable assets much easier and more visual. Assets can simply be dragged into the 3D View, and in some instances, into other editors. Objects will snap to the surface under the cursor or to the grid.

Crowd characters

Step into a world of unrivalled realism with our fully-rigged 3D Crowd Characters. These characters feature photorealistic aesthetics and high-resolution 4096x4096 textures that truly stand out, especially in close-up scenes. Plus, their clean topology and hassle-free PBR shader setups ensure a smooth, enjoyable workflow.

Small Details, Big Impact!

Each model is crafted with a focus on the smallest details. Passion and love guide the process, understanding that even the tiniest pixel can make a significant difference in the ultimate result.

Masks and Color Presets

We added an option for quick and easy color adjustments. Customize the color scheme of a particular character or change the colors of all assets. (Presets with masks created only in Blender and Unreal Engine, for other programs, there are b/w masks and baked Color maps)

Character Customization at Its Finest

Discover the power of personalization with our customizable character. With a range of modular assets to choose from, you can mix and match to create a character that truly stands out.

Optimized Meshes

All characters shine in close-up shots! No need for any cleanup – simply drag and drop these models into your scene and begin rendering. Each character consists of around 80k-120k polygons.

Crowd Characters RIG

Prepare to elevate your project to new heights with our fully rigged Crowd characters featuring the FK Rig. Enjoy the versatility of 77 custom poses at your disposal, allowing effortless adjustments and fine-tuning to align with your creative vision. Character FBX files include FK RIG.



Attention to detail is our priority in crafting these boats, ensuring lifelike results in every rendering. These accurately scaled 3D models are fully unwrapped and textured, ready for effortless merging into your scene.

Unreal Engine

All assets are set up and ready to be used in Unreal Engine. UE native files are included in the pack, just plug-and-play! (Supported versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3)

Day and Night Setup

Our newly added day and night setup for buildings, complete with controls for light groups and window randomization, gives you the freedom to choose the perfect atmosphere.


Blueprints offer remarkable flexibility and power. They let you utilize many tools for quick concept creation and level design. You can easily modify buildings and boats modularity and hide or reveal specific parts in a snap.

UE Water Shader and Scattered Assets

Scatter grass and character assets from small to big with the Foliage tool. Add extra details to your scenes in a matter of seconds.

Power of Nanite in UE5

Fill your scenes with Nanite buildings for vast environments, whether it's expansive Tokyo back alleys or a charming rural town.

License agreement

Feel free to use these assets in your personal or professional work.

However, you can`t resell these assets or any part of these assets.

About us

BigMediumSmall is a team of industry veterans with years of experience working in the game and film industry.

We create 3D asset packs that we would want to use.

Something that looks ace and yet has an excellent performance in 3D.

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Water Village Collection

12 ratings
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